Fleet customers usually think there are only two ways to fuel their vehicles or equipment: on-site storage facilities or retail fuel stations. Both of these fleet fueling options can affect productivity and expenses.

Hart provides another option: on-site fleet fueling.

Also known as mobile fleet fueling or wet hosing, on-site fleet fueling is when our trucks deliver fuel directly into each vehicle, day or night. This fueling service is scheduled when it’s most convenient to your business so there’s no downtime or loss of productivity.

Our wet hose service is customized to fit your business’s demands. You’ll get a personalized solution so your trucks, trailers, or heavy equipment always stay fueled. We can provide quality clear or dyed diesel, unleaded gas, and DEF.

You can depend on Hart for the following:

  1. Flexible Delivery Schedules
  2. Fast Emergency Refueling
  3. Competitive Pricing with No Hidden Costs
  4. Mobile Refueling
  5. Disaster Planning & Preparation
  6. Fuel Tank Rental

Low Minimum on Delivery

CanWhether it’s 100 or 10,000 gallons, we’re happy to complete your delivery as promised. Our fleet of delivery trucks includes many different sizes, so we can accommodate delivery quantities of 100 gallons or more.

Benefits of Mobile Fleet Fueling

There are many advantages to on-site fleet fueling services with Hart.

Time Savings

Our professional drivers come right to your site at convenient times, preferably when your team isn’t on the clock. We can refuel multiple vehicles and products at once. You won’t waste any time waiting for refueling because your fleets will be ready to go as soon as your workers arrive.

Lower Costs

As an independent fuel supplier, we offer competitive prices compared to average retailers. Not only do you get cost savings from using our fuel, but you’ll also save money by making sure your drivers’ valuable time isn’t spent at the pump. They can focus on the job instead of refueling.

Reduced Risks

Our mobile fleet fueling services reduce the risks involved in the entire refueling process. You’ll get professionals that know how to refuel vehicles, tanks, and equipment expertly without spills or accidents. Also, since your team won’t need to visit the pump, you’ll lessen their driving time which cuts down on insurance costs.

Simple Tracking & Reporting

On-site fleet fueling streamlines tracking when reporting to the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). Our innovative fleet fuel management solutions eliminate the need to rely on receipts from your truck driver.


Wet hose fuel delivery uses contactless delivery to keep your workers safe and fleets clean. We use the latest in fuel monitoring technology to track fuel levels in your fleet so you don’t have to. Our fleet fueling solution also can be adjusted with just one phone call when needed.