Hart at Hurricane Ida

Fueling in an Emergency

Hurricane season is just a few short days away, and many business owners in the gulf and on the coasts are worried that this season may be one for the […]

cold diesel

How to Prevent Diesel Gelling

It took a while this year, but cold temperatures have arrived in most parts of the country. While most of us don’t think twice about the fuel we are putting […]

storm ahead warning sign

Benefits of Emergency Fuel Services

“Expecting the unexpected” is not a phrase that any operation should take lightly. However, creating dependable, efficient, and sustainable practices that keep your business running when the inevitable “unexpected” happens […]

farming tractor using red diesel to plow field

What is Red Diesel Called?

There is some confusion surrounding red diesel and what applications it can and can’t be used for. For instance, while it’s similar to home heating oil, there are some chemical […]

def container

Does it Matter What Brand of DEF You Use?

There are over 100 American Petroleum Institute (API) certified brands of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in North America. The API Certification Program certifies and monitors the quality of diesel exhaust […]