How Much Fuel Can You Transport Without a HAZMAT Endorsement?

Thunder Creek MTT690Hauling diesel fuel from one job site to another is a common need for many construction companies. According to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 49, diesel fuel is considered a hazardous material, specifically a Class C Combustible. Due to its hazardous nature, there are strict regulations around how much diesel fuel you can legally transport. This can make it challenging to haul fuel if a driver doesn’t have the needed credentials.

In general, drivers transporting any hazardous material are required to have a HAZMAT endorsement on their state-issued Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Do You Need a HAZMAT Endorsement to Haul Diesel Fuel?

Although the answer to this question is “yes” in most cases, there is an exception for non-bulk packages of combustible liquids. This exception allows drivers to legally and safely transport diesel fuel without a HAZMAT endorsement if the fuel package is under a certain gallon limit.

In order to comply with federal regulations, the maximum amount of fuel that can be transported is 119 gallons per non-bulk package. You can transport multiple 119-gallon tanks in one vehicle, but the total combined capacity cannot exceed 1,000 gallons. Any higher and the driver will need a tanker endorsement.

To be safe, you should always do your own research and check with your state and local regulations to make sure there aren’t additional limitations in your area.

Transporting Diesel Legally Without a HAZMAT

Thunder Creek MTOSo how does fuel transport without a HAZMAT endorsement work? A company that understands the complexities of this question well is Thunder Creek Equipment. To comply with federal restrictions, they have created a product line of multi-tank fuel trailers that are specifically designed to be driven without a HAZMAT, and in many cases, without a CDL.

The design of the multi-tank trailers is key. Each individual tank has a maximum capacity of 115 gallons, and each trailer has up to 8 tanks which allows it to transport up to 920 gallons total. The tanks are fully separate and isolated from each other during transport, but are joined by a manifold to a common pump that dispenses fuel once on-site. For more technical details, check out Thunder Creek’s ‘How to Transport Bulk Diesel Without a HAZMAT’ guide.

Thunder Creek’s Territory Sales Manager Beau Waldrop describes the problem these trailers solve.

A lot of construction sites will have workers that have a CDL but not a HAZMAT endorsement, or workers that don’t have a CDL at all,” says Waldrop. “This can make transporting fuel on the job difficult and time-consuming when not all workers are able to drive the on-site fuel trailer.

Thunder Creek’s multi-tank trailers only require a valid Driver’s License to transport fuel in most states, with California being an exception. “This is a huge benefit because it gives job sites additional flexibility and ultimately saves them time,” says Waldrop.

Their multi-tank product line includes four models – the Multi-Tank Fuel Trailer (MTT), Multi-Tank Truck Upfit (MTU), Multi-Tank Oil Trailer (MTO), and Service & Lube Trailer (SLT). Each model can also be equipped with DEF tanks that are ISO-compliant and designed with a closed-loop system to prevent contamination.

Hart Fueling is proud to offer Thunder Creek’s full lineup of fuel trailers and upfits for sale or rent. To learn more about their available options, contact our team today!

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