Thunder Creek Equipment is a recognized leader in premium mobile fuel and service equipment. Their goal is to provide innovative solutions that address challenges related to fuel delivery and servicing for heavy, off-road machinery. Hart Fueling is proud to partner with Thunder Creek to offer a wide variety of towable fuel trailer options.

The level of versatility and customization offered by Thunder Creek is unbeatable. With their comprehensive lineup, we are confident you will find the right model for your unique situation. All fuel trailers are DOT compliant and many options offer DEF systems that can be added at any point.

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Why Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers?

Quality is at the heart of everything Thunder Creek does, ensuring that their products stand up to the rigors of the field and job site. Furthermore, they are committed to continuous improvement, constantly pushing the boundaries to create equipment that not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of professionals across various industries.



Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers for Sale or Rent

Thunder Creek’s fuel trailers are the lifeblood of every operation because they hold the main fluids required by heavy machinery on a regular basis – fuel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and grease. The lineup includes a wide range of solutions to enhance operational efficiency and minimize downtime.


Fuel & Service Trailers (FST Series)

The Fuel and Service Fuel Trailers from Thunder Creek are state-of-the-art fuel trailers with top-rated highway and off-road capabilities. With industry-leading fueling and optional DEF fuel system add-ons, this trailer makes fueling any job simple, efficient, and safe.

Available Models:

  • FST500
  • FST750
  • FST990

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Thunder Creek FST


Economy Fuel Trailers (EV Series)

Each job we provide services for has unique needs and fueling requirements. That’s why we offer Thunder Creek’s Economy Fuel and Service Trailers for sale and rent to assist with any jobs that require efficient, quick, and reliable fueling for less cost.

Available Models:

  • EV500
  • EV750
  • EV990

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Thunder Creek EV500


No-HAZMAT Multi-Tank Fuel Trailers (MTT Series)

Thunder Creek’s No-HAZMAT Multi-Tank Fuel and Service Trailer can haul up to 920 gallons of diesel fuel – without needing a HAZMAT endorsement, or in many cases, a CDL. These trailers are top-of-the-line in terms of fuel trailers that meet state and federal safety standards. The MTT offers superior DEF fuel systems integrated into the trailer that can be ordered with the unit or added at any point after purchase.

Available Models:

  • MTT460
  • MTT690
  • MTT920

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Thunder Creek MTT690


Double-Wall Fuel Trailers (DW Series)

For jobs or locations requiring extra safety measures or peace of mind, Thunder Creek offers Double-Wall Fuel and Service Trailers that are perfect for transporting or storing bulk fuels including diesel and gasoline on-site. These trailers provide 110% containment with a 990-gallon tank and pumping system mounted inside a secondary tank. They are compliant with the EPA’s SPCC Program as well as DOT 406 regulations.

Available Models:

  • DW990
  • DW990UB

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Thunder Creek DW990



Thunder Creek Service Trailers for Sale or Rent

Thunder Creek offers a range of service trailers, including their preventative maintenance fuel and lube trailers and bulk DEF trailers. These products offer enhanced flexibility and the ability to streamline your on-site operations with mobile preventative maintenance service and DEF access.


Multi-Tank Oil Trailers (MTO Series)

The Multi-Tank Oil Trailer is a hybrid preventative maintenance and fueling solution that is capable of handling up to 920 gallons and up to 6 different service fluids including oil, coolant, reclaim, as well as daily fluids like diesel, DEF, and grease. The MTO offers streamlined mobile fueling and service, helping owners boost job site uptime and keep operations moving.

Available Models:

  • MTO460
  • MTO690
  • MTO920

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Thunder Creek MTO


Service & Lube Trailers (SLT Series)

The Service and Lube Trailer is the most extensive solution in the Thunder Creek preventative maintenance product lineup, with the capability to handle a variety of service fluids including oils, coolant, and reclaim, as well as daily fluids like top-off diesel, DEF, and grease. The SLT offers comprehensive mobile preventative maintenance, boosting uptime and keeping equipment moving at just a fraction of the cost of a full-size service truck.

Available Models:

  • SLT460
  • SLT690

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Thunder Creek SLT


Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid Trailers (DEF Series)

Thunder Creek’s Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Trailer offers clean, fully enclosed handling of DEF for off-road machinery, protecting against expensive damage to equipment SCR systems. The DEF trailer is built in strict adherence to the ISO 22241 standard for maintaining the purity of DEF.

Available Models:

  • DEF990

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Thunder Creek DEF Trailer



Thunder Creek Fuel & Lube Truck Upfits for Sale or Rent

Thunder Creek’s line of fuel and preventative maintenance truck upfits are particularly useful for those looking for an all-in-one or more flexible fueling solution. Due to their unique design, they can maneuver on tight job sites to bring fuel to places that fuel trailers can’t easily access or to provide convenient on-site machinery service.


No-HAZMAT Fuel Truck Upfits (MTU Series)

The No-HAZMAT Fuel and Service Truck Upfit brings all the flexibility of its trailer counterpart, the Multi-Tank Trailer (MTT), to a medium-duty truck chassis. Its capability to handle diesel, DEF, and grease as well as a variety of job site tools makes it a powerful daily fueling solution – all without the need for a HAZMAT and, in most cases, without the need for a CDL.

Available Models:

  • MTU920

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Thunder Creek MTU920


Service & Lube Truck Upfits (SLU Series)

The Service and Lube Truck Upfit offers all the benefits of the Service and Lube Trailer (SLT) on a medium-duty truck chassis, with the capability to handle service fluids including oils, coolant, and reclaim, as well as daily fluids like top-off diesel, DEF, and grease, and a variety of power systems. The SLU is built on the multi-tank platform – and can be configured to mitigate the need for a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement.

Available Models:

  • SLU690

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Thunder Creek SLU


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