Are All Fleet Fuel Cards Created Equal?

Recently, our team at Hart Fueling launched our Fleet Fuel Card service. We are incredibly excited to add yet another way to serve our customers. As we reach more and more businesses with our Fleet Cards, we wanted to make it clear that not all fleet fuel cards are created equal. In fact, you may want to rethink your partnership with some of these companies.

Why Use Fleet Cards

gas station for fleet cardFleet Fuel Cards are becoming increasingly popular – especially since many companies that offer this service allow you to view mileage, gallons filled, driver IDs, and more. The best part about a Fleet Card is the transparency, however. Never again wonder where your money is going or what your drivers are purchasing. With a Fleet Fuel card, you can access reporting, get instant alerts on transactions, and set spending restrictions easily.

There are a number of fleet card options out there that are vying for your business. Here is why Hart offers a better alternative for your fleet cards.


Many fleet card companies partner individually with vendors across the country. Because they are individual, the pricing and the fees associated with these types of cards may vary – which means you may never know what you will pay for the fleet card service or for the transaction.

When you choose a fleet fuel card from Hart, we offer transparent pricing and fees. The only operating fee Hart has is a monthly $2 per card fee. There are some other fees that would be considered as finance charges if a customer bounces payment or doesn’t pay an invoice on time, but if you always pay on time you shouldn’t face any finance charges.

Immediate Communication

While many fleet card options offer monthly reporting – Hart allows you the ability to have immediate transaction alerts on your mobile phone. Imagine having to wait a whole month to find out where your dollars are being spent. Not with Hart! Set the types of alerts you want, set dollar limits, manage fuel type purchases, and monitor your drivers so you know exactly what is happening – as it is happening.

Experience the Difference

Our team would be happy to chat with you about our fleet fuel card options and why you will be satisfied going with our product over the competition. Contact us today and experience the relief of having total control over your business, your fueling, and your money.

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