DEF in Cold Weather: Does it Freeze?

Should You Worry About DEF Freezing?

DEF Tank sitting on snowThis is a question we get all the time. The short answer is yes, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) can freeze. Here’s why you may not need to worry about it. DEF has a freezing point of 12 degrees. Depending on where your equipment is geographically located this may not be a concern of yours because 12 degrees for a prolonged period of time is not common in most areas. In addition, if DEF does freeze it will NOT cause harm to the product and when thawed out will be safe to use.

If you are located somewhere that freezing is a viable concern there are a few ways to winterize DEF fluid:

  • Keep snow off and away from the def storage unit.
  • Keep the DEF storage off the ground. If you have a 330g tote you are in luck because they come built in with a ground spacer.
  • Build a wind barrier made of plywood around your def storage.

In cases of extreme cold weather you may want to consider investing in a 110v heater blanket. These range in prices of around $1,500.

Lastly, the product in the hose is far more likely to freeze than the product in the storage unit. If your hose is frozen simply detach it and bring it into a warmer climate until it has thawed and you ought to be good to go.

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