Fuel Tanks With Remote Monitoring Systems

fuel tank monitor on totesIn addition to our many fueling services, we are excited to offer fuel tanks with remote monitoring systems. For many business owners, having the confidence that your fuel is protected from theft as well as the ability to have full transparency of full usage is a huge asset.

What is Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring?

Simply put – remote fuel tank monitoring is the ability to manage and monitor your above-ground fuel tanks – whether diesel, DEF, or gasoline – from your wireless device. Depending on the specifications of your fuel tank monitor, you can select reports to be sent directly to you every hour, every two hours, or as often as needed.

Who Benefits the Most from Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring?

Anyone who uses a fuel tank would experience the benefits of a remote fuel tank monitor, but the best value for these is for contractors or businesses that move fuel tanks frequently or keep fuel tanks on job sites, and industries that rely upon on-demand fueling. Here is why:

  • Job sites can be unsecured, leaving fuel vulnerable to siphoning. Even with locking fuel caps, contractors have reported fuel being stolen. This can be costly. A major benefit of these remote fuel tank monitoring systems is the ability to be notified immediately through text message alerts if fuel levels suddenly dip or if pressure has been lost for any reason.
  • For industries that require on-demand fueling, it can be hard to assess fuel levels at any given time. With remote monitoring, companies can see when fuel may be getting low and avoid costly delays in fuel delivery or the potential for customer loss.
  • Many businesses move fuel tanks from location to location. In these situations, monitoring fuel pressure, location, and levels are essential. Having concrete data that reports on these metrics can help businesses stay more organized and eliminate extra time used in locating or identifying issues. Your time is valuable – and a remote fuel tank monitor can give you more of it.

Key Features of a Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring System

There are many amazing features of a remote fuel tank monitoring system – one such feature that we have already touched upon is the ability for text and email alerts. Other key features include:

  • Longevity. These remote monitors are solar-powered. This eliminates more unnecessary time running to replace batteries.
  • GPS tracking. All units come with GPS tracking, so there is no worry about theft of the device or your fuel tank – you can track it all.
  • Durability. We partner with Ecogreen Tank Monitors to provide the most durable monitors on the market. Whether at a construction site or in the middle of a demolition zone, your monitor will stand up to it.
  • Detailed Information and Reporting. Easily access current tank levels, usage history, days-to-empty, and even GPS location.
  • Versatility. Diesel, gasoline, lubricants, DEF, ethanol, water, wastewater, and agrichemicals.

Learn More About Remote Fuel Tank Monitors

nationwide mapWe would love the opportunity to explain all of the benefits of a remote fuel tank monitoring system to you. We also have a variety of fuel tanks for rent and for sale – and our service area is nationwide! You can contact us at any time, or you can download the Ecogreen specifications for more information.

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