Fueling a Covid Clinic in Sharon Hill, PA

We are now into the third year of the pandemic, and most of us have adjusted to the new “normal”. While Covid cases are fortunately decreasing all over the country, there are still hot spots that require drive-through testing sites. Over the winter, our team at Hart was proud to fuel generators to provide heat for a Covid-19 clinic in Sharon Hill, PA.

We are incredibly grateful for all of the volunteers and healthcare workers that provide safe access to Covid testing. Because temperatures in the area stayed very chilly, having heaters in their tents allowed them to stay longer and provide this service for many more people. It is incredibly humbling to see communities come together during tough times.


Generators are Essential

Most people know that having a generator as a backup fuel and energy source is incredibly important. Whether you live in the Gulf and worry about frequent power loss due to hurricanes or tropical storms, or your home is located in a hard-to-reach location, having a generator that you can rely on will provide comfort and confidence when you lose access to the grid.

In cases like the one above, utilizing a generator to provide a service for the community is an excellent way to expand your service hours and boundaries. At Hart, we provide generator refueling services for many businesses, no matter where they are located.

If you are planning an event or a temporary site, please reach out to us at Hart for your fueling needs. We are committed to serving communities all across the United States.