Hart Fueling Provides Mobile DEF and Diesel Fueling in Wilmington, DE

One of the most valuable services we offer is the ability to deliver DEF and diesel fuel with our top-of-the-line Thundercreek mobile fuel trailers for companies and businesses. Hart was recently called to a job site in Wilmington, Delaware to do just that.

Mobile DEF and Diesel Wet Hosing

Over the last several months, a local business lost the use of its HVAC system. Because of the nature of this business, losing the ability to keep perishables cool or frozen would have resulted in a huge loss for the company. Hart stepped in to fuel a fuel cube and generator to power a large, temporary chiller.

In addition to filling the fuel cube onsite with dyed diesel, we also provided DEF wet hosing. This eliminated any waste from plastic jugs and drums by letting us fill up the equipment direct with DEF. This mobile fueling allowed the customer to eliminate any potential risk for spills or leaks which are issues that can arise when storing any kind of fuel. This helped the customer save money and stay operational during a time when a vital system was unreliable.

Benefits of Mobile Fueling

While Hart provides exceptional on-site fuel storage options, there are many benefits to choosing our team for mobile fueling or fuel delivery.

  • Reduces spill or leak risk from on-site storage
  • Fast fueling by professionals
  • Keeps the site operational by not taking up real estate with fuel tanks
  • Delivered on your schedule

Partner with Our Fuel Team

If you are interested in mobile fueling for your business or your fleet, the team at Hart would be proud to partner with you. Not only do we provide these services, but we have mobile fuel tanks for sale and for rent. Get a quote from our friendly customer service team today.