Hart Fuels a Solar Power Plant Near Phoenix, AZ

solar power fuelAlternative energy is becoming more popular across the United States – and many places are installing new energy grids or alternative energy solutions, including wind energy and solar-powered options. Hart Fueling was recently called to provide fuel and on-site fuel storage in Dateland, Arizona – just outside of Phoenix – to help with the construction of a new solar power plant.

Fueling the Future of Energy

As construction ramps up to provide new energy sources, there is still a high demand for fuel and fuel storage to help with these builds. Dateland, AZ, while still near Phoenix, is located in a remote area that required on-site fuel tanks to fuel the construction of the solar power plant. Our client trusted Hart by renting fuel tanks so the fuel was not only ready and accessible – but placed safely to avoid potential spills or leaks.

The Benefits of On-Site Fuel Storage

Our client in Dateland recognized that there are many benefits to renting a fuel storage tank from a trusted fuel company. Here are a few:

  • Safe Fuel Storage. Hart fuel tanks are double-walled with locking caps to help avoid potential leaks and spills. The locking caps are helpful to deter syphoners.
  • Time Savings. On-site fuel means you never have to wait for a fuel delivery or send your trucks out to fill up. This can save companies thousands of dollars.

Additional benefits come with choosing Hart Fueling. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the fuel you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it. When you rent a fuel tank from Hart – you can also conveniently schedule fuel deliveries. We are proud to offer companies a single point of contact – making every step of fueling your job easy.

If you need on-site fuel storage for your construction project or any other job – contact us for a quote today.