Hart Fuels Christmas Lights in Swedesboro, New Jersey

christmas light generatorsHart helped light up the holidays this past season! While there are many things that bring joy during the most festive time of year, our favorite things are Christmas lights. Whether on a Christmas tree, set to music at a business, or displayed on a house National Lampoon-style – there are few feelings in the world that compare to what is evoked when seeing those twinkling lights in December.

Drive Through Lights

Our team was thrilled to head to Swedesboro, New Jersey in November and December to fuel three different generators for a drive-through Christmas Light display, put on by Bold Media. Known as the South Jersey Holiday Light Show, this event has gained a lot of popularity over the last three years and brings families from New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania alike.

What made this job particularly memorable, besides the amazing light show and music-synced lighting, was the muddy terrain. Hart is no stranger to hard-to-reach fuel locations, and this one was pretty mucky! We are proud that our crew follows the safest protocols when it comes to fueling on uneven ground or in places where there is a lot of moisture. We recommend the use of double-walled fuel tanks and containment berms when storing fuel on-site, but for this event we safely and successfully kept three generators refueled and the Christmas lights on in full glory.

Flexible Fuel Service for Every Industry

nationwide mapWe love getting calls from customers to fuel events just like the South Jersey Holiday Light Show! As a dedicated fueling service, Hart is passionate about serving industries nationwide – from events and locations in need of temporary heating and lighting to construction site fuel delivery and every niche in between. We also have generator rentals and fuel tank rentals and sales to help keep your job or event running. If you have a fueling need now or in the future, get in touch with us. We’d love to work with you!