Hart Fuels Reefer Trailer at Special Event in Philadelphia

reefer trailer paAs the weather begins heating up, the necessity for reliable refrigeration during special events becomes the priority. During a special event that took place in Philadelphia, Hart was contacted by nationwide food supplier, US Foods, to provide the fuel that kept their reefer trailer running and reliable all day long.

Fuel for Reefer Trucks & Trailers

It’s often overlooked, but reefer trailers are everywhere. Just take a look at a busy highway or interstate system and you’ll find dozens transporting food safely across the United States. Without reliable fuel sources, these trucks would end up on the side of the road with a major issue – thawing, and rotting food. It doesn’t take long, either. Perishable foods such as meat, dairy products, and fresh produce can start to spoil within a few hours if the temperature rises above safe storage levels (typically 40°F or 4°C for refrigerated foods). That is why partnering with a company with experience fueling reefer trucks and trailers is essential.

US Foods trusted Hart, and we delivered. By providing the necessary fuel for refrigeration, the event in Philadelphia went as planned – and the reefer trailer was able to provide safe, fresh food all day long.

Hart Fueling is the Easiest Choice for Reefer Fuel

Hart Fueling is proud to be a stand-out when it comes to providing exceptional fuel services across the nation. This includes reefer fueling. Don’t get caught on the side of the road – partner with a company that has the experience, reliability, and reputation to ensure your goods make it to their destination. Get in touch with us today for a free fuel delivery quote.