Hart Helps Los Angeles, CA Customer Avoid Excess Fuel Delivery Fees with On-Site Tanks

la sandblast fuelOne of the most costly sides of fueling isn’t the fuel itself but getting the fuel to the designated location. Many customers who need fuel can be in a variety of places, including hard-to-reach mountainous terrain or areas in the middle of a hurricane. Wherever you may be, fuel delivery can cost you big time.

Sandblasting Job Made Easier with On-Site Fuel Tank in Los Angeles

A recent customer in Los Angeles, CA was eating a lot of excess costs by having fuel delivered to their industrial sandblasting job site. To save thousands of dollars, they decided to partner with the team at Hart Fueling. We were able to provide a 500-gallon fuel tank that allowed them to wet hose their equipment directly on-site without waiting, without interruption, and without breaking their budget.

Sandblasting can be an arduous undertaking and a job that uses a lot of fuel. With the 500-gallon fuel tank, our customer was able to power a temporary heater, blast pot, compressor, and dust collector.

Save Money with a Fuel Tank from Hart

Our team proudly offers fuel tanks for sale or for rent in a variety of sizes to suit any fueling need. Whether you want to avoid costly fees from fuel delivery or you want to keep your job on schedule without waiting for fuel – an on-site fuel tank is the way to go! These double-walled, locking cap fuel tanks provide added security and protection against potential leaks and spills. Get a quote for fuel services today.