Hart Provides DEF Tank, Pump, and Ongoing Fuel to Lumber Yard in Media, PA

Logging, milling, manufacturing, and distributing lumber requires a lot of work. Not only does this industry rely upon heavy equipment, manpower, and uninterrupted distribution lines, but without reliable, accessible fuel, the industry is pretty much at a standstill.

Ongoing Fuel Needs for Lumber Yards

That is why Hart was so excited to be contacted and hired by a local lumber yard in Media, PA. Our team not only provided the 330-gallon DEF tote, but we also had the opportunity to install a pump kit. This fuel is stored safely at the lumber yard and is easily accessible for their equipment to stay fueled and on the job. They won’t be missing a beat!

Hart is scheduled to refill this DEF tote every 3-4 months to ensure the company stays on track and keeps moving forward. Whether they are providing lumber for new construction in the Media, PA area or fueling heavy equipment for wood treating or distribution – the Hart team is proud to be a partner.

Reliable Fuel from Start to Finish

This is a great example of Hart providing the fuel, the storage, and the reliability that many companies need. If your business is in need of DEF, diesel delivery, or generator refueling, you can trust Hart for your needs. We can provide a quick quote and offer many amazing benefits that you can enjoy, including flexible scheduling and a single point of contact. Get your fuel delivery quote today.