Hart Provides Fuel Cubes & Equipment Refueling for High-Rise in Philadelphia

A new high rise is being built in Philadelphia, and the Hart team was able to get in on the ‘ground’ floor. This contractor needed reliable, on-site fuel options to fuel heavy equipment and generators on the job site.

Fueling the Growth of the City

fuel cube in phily

It seems like the city of Philadelphia just keeps growing! As construction seems to be around nearly every corner, one facet of these projects is the fueling needs of the construction site. Every part of the building process requires fuel, from the foundation to the finishing touches. General contractors rely on fueling partners they can trust to provide solutions for their fueling needs. This contractor was confident that Hart Fueling could do the job.

Fuel Cubes on the Job Site

One major expense of a construction project is the fuel. This can become even more costly by paying for fuel delivery and delivery fees every time the fuel runs low. Hart and the general contractor of this build understood this and decided that two fuel cubes would be an excellent addition to the site to help keep the job moving forward without breaking the budget.

The fuel cubes were used for a couple of different purposes. The first was to keep heavy equipment fueled on the job site, which cuts the cost of taking the equipment somewhere else for fuel or bringing in fuel deliveries. The equipment can stay fueled without ever causing a delay to the project. Additionally, Hart provided direct refueling for heavy equipment through wet-hosing.

Second, the fuel cubes provided fuel for diesel generators that ran multiple areas of the construction project, from heaters to lights and tools.

On the Rise

As this project continues on the ‘up and up’, Hart was proud to be able to help this contractor stay on track. With safe and efficient fuel options, this general contractor is able to stay at or under budget and keep his crews running without spending extra time or money on unsafe fueling practices or expensive fuel deliveries.

If you need safe fuel storage and efficient refueling options on your job site, contact Hart Fueling today.