Hart Provides Fuel for Reefer Trailer at the 2022 World Series Game

hart fuels world seriesOne of the most exciting aspects of the fueling industry is being called to provide services for national events. While most of these national events we provide services for pertaining to disaster response, earlier this month Hart was called to provide generator refueling for a reefer trailer at the 2022 World Series Game between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies.

Fueling the World Series

Peanuts, popcorn, crackerjacks – food is so important during national baseball games. So important that we sing about it! No, you don’t need to refrigerate your peanuts or popcorn, but so much of the food we consume at professional sporting events does need reliable refrigeration – and that is where the Hart team came in during the 2022 World Series Philly Game!

What’s a sporting event without your favorite beverage, hot dog, or ice cream treat for the kids? Because Hart is a trusted name in fueling, we were the ones called to keep a reefer trailer going during the Phillies vs. Astros game.

Why is Fuel Important for a Reefer Trailer?

A reefer trailer, or refrigerated trailer, keeps your perishables from spoiling, either in transport, during emergencies like a hurricane, or during events (like an MLB game). If a generator runs low or cannot be operational, food can turn within just a few hours. This can make consumption dangerous, as pathogens thrive when temperatures start to increase.

At Hart, we understand how important this is. Safe and reliable refrigeration of perishables relies upon trusted fuel delivery and is essential in keeping our families and friends healthy.

Fuel Delivery You Can Rely On

Hart Fueling Service is committed to keeping these refrigerated trailers, whether in transport or at a temporary location, running efficiently. Our team will bring the fuel to you as soon as it is needed, so you can better serve your patrons, without a hiccup in fueling or refrigeration. Hart’s reefer fueling services will help you keep your commitments to your customers. If you are in need of reefer fueling, or generator refueling, please contact us today.