Hart Teams Up to Fuel Water Tower Restoration Project

hart fuels water towerAnother fun project to which the Hart team was proud to contribute! This water tower in Burton, Michigan was in desperate need of a refresh. A local organization reached out to Hart for fueling the compressors, dust collectors, and generators to make this restoration project possible.

Restoring Hometown Pride

There aren’t many things that symbolize ‘coming home’ or ‘hometown pride’ quite like a local water tower. Many times marked with the town name or town letter, these accidental monuments all across small-town America not only provide water for communities but a high sense of pride as well. As these water towers become older, they begin to fade, become overgrown by weeds, grass, and trees, and can look tarnished. In addition, minerals within the water itself can cause the tower to become discolored and erode over time.

Fueling the Tower Refresh

The Hart team was able to provide a 500-Gallon Fuel Tank for the water tower restoration project. To bring this tower back to life, crews on-site used sandblasting and painting which needed reliable fuel delivery and safe, on-site fuel storage.

nationwide mapIf you find yourself near Burton, be sure to take a look at this iconic American hometown monument. Please contact us today if you are in need of fuel delivery for any local city or state government projects or on-site fuel storage. We proudly provide services nationwide.