Industrial Water Tank Painting Job in Garden City, New York

Industrial Water Tank Painting Job in Garden City, New YorkTanks are common storage units that are found in municipalities along with the food or petroleum industries. Because they provide value to their facilities, extra care needs to be taken to make sure they last. Since industrial tanks are exposed to all kinds of weather, they are especially at risk for corrosion. To prevent this, high-quality sandblasting and coating applications are required.

We were called to assist an industrial water tank painting job site in Garden City, New York that needed fuel. The heavy equipment and vehicles being used needed refueling so we brought a 500-gallon fuel cube to keep onsite while the water tank was being serviced. Vehicles and equipment that are not properly fueled cause delays and unnecessary downtime.

Fuel Tank Rentals in New York

Hart’s fueling services in New York include fuel tank rental and sales. Our double-walled FuelCubes are compact and economical, making them the ideal choice for fleet, generator, and auxiliary equipment fueling. They make fueling simple and easy while minimizing the risk of spills and contamination. Find sizes ranging from 250-12,000 gallons.

We also provide fueling services all over the Empire State including diesel deliverymobile on-site fueling, and fleet fueling.

For more information about renting our temporary fuel storage tanks, call us at 1-844-394-3307.