Philadelphia Customer Saves Time and Money with On-Site FuelCube

permanent fuel cube‘Time is money’ and at Hart Fueling we understand that firsthand and try hard to save customers both! Recently, the Hart team was able to show a customer in Philadelphia just how much value there is in having fuel on-site. Fueling trucks, equipment, generators, and more can become tiresome and a time suck. The constant back-and-forth to gas stations or other fuel suppliers is a hassle and costs companies thousands (or more) in fuel use and wear/tear on the vehicles. There is a better way!

On-Site Fuel Storage

Hart provides fuel tanks for rent or for sale for the benefit of our customers. These safe fuel storage options allow business owners and construction crews to focus on completing their job instead of worrying about when their next fuel delivery is coming (or how much time they will use taking their vehicles or equipment somewhere else for fueling).

Providing a 330 Gallon Tote in Philly

Our recent customer knew all of the benefits of having an on-site fuel cube and contacted Hart for a permanent fuel cube. As a company that sells building materials to contractors (drywall, screws, lumber, etc)., they utilized the 330-gallon fuel tote that Hart supplied to fill up box trucks and trailers they used for deliveries. The customer realized the value of saving time by having the fuel available at their facility.

Save Time and Money Today with Hart Fueling

If you are a business owner who could benefit from on-site fuel storage or convenient fuel delivery, schedule a quote with our team today! The time you’ll save may be more than you ever imagined.