Providing Fuel for an Industrial Paint Job in Fort Worth, Texas

industrial painting water tank Water tanks are an icon in this country – at least when it comes to Small Town, America. Not all water tanks are created equal, though. In fact, some don’t even resemble the iconic water towers from our favorite 80s songs. In a recent job, Hart was on the scene for a new water tank that was being built and required painting. Here’s what we provided.

Diesel Fueling for Water Tank Painting in Fort Worth, TX

A simple paint job isn’t enough when it comes to industrial water tanks. This paint can’t just be applied with a paintbrush. The industrial contractor hired Hart to not only provide safe, above-ground fuel storage for the job but also to keep the FuelCube and their equipment topped off for the duration of the project. Different types of industrial paint are used to designate certain water tanks for specific purposes – so the right paint, and the right durability, are incredibly important.

Additionally, industrial paint protects both the interior and the exterior of a water tank from corrosion and keeps the water free from contaminants. Hart was proud to be a part of this project.

Fueling on the Job

Hart Fueling is your trusted source of fuel nationwide, and we prioritize the safety of every job. Our double-walled fuel tanks protect the environment from potential spills and locking gas caps ensure your fuel isn’t stolen or siphoned. Partner with us today for your fuel needs.

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