Providing Fuel Tank Cleaning in Kennedale, TX

fuel polishingHart has become experienced and thorough in providing fuel tank cleaning and fuel polishing to customers. Recently, the team had the opportunity to provide these services for a customer in Kennedale, Texas.

What It Entailed

The company reached out to Hart originally when they noticed that their 1,000-gallon tank was cloudy and they found pieces of debris when the tank was low. Upon further inspection, the company had a much larger 10,000-gallon bulk fuel tank that was fueling their tanks and equipment. The problem was that this particular tank had not been serviced ever and over the years microbes and debris had accumulated. Hart corrected this issue by cleaning the tank and fuel with a filtration and chemical process.

Fuel Tank Cleaning Process

There will always be a certain level of fuel contamination – even when it comes straight from the refinery. The problems occur when fuel becomes cloudy or when certain levels of microbes or bacteria are found. Fuel levels need to be at 7,500 in order to get an effective clean. Here was the process for this particular job:

  • Prepared the tank for cleaning by opening all ports possible and then manually removing the debris, water, and sediment from the bottom.
  • Hauled off contaminated fuel to discard by following EPA standards and documented the disposal process.
  • Cycled the fuel with different micron filters ranging from 30 microns to ½ microns. At this point, chemicals and treatments were added. Probes were used to observe the amount of trash being picked up through the clear hoses.
  • The process of rejuvenating the fuel continued until the final stages which include adding the water absorb and cetane enhancer. At this point, fuel will be above ASTM standards.

Trusted Fuel Tank Cleaning

Why can you trust Hart when your fuel tank is contaminated? They guarantee the existing fuel is clean and will meet API standards for fresh fuel for 12 months from the time of service. They recommend that when new fuel is added, they should also add the maintenance formula of specific recommended chemicals to ensure this build-up doesn’t happen again. You can learn more about fuel tank cleaning and fuel polishing here.

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