In addition to our stationary fuel tank rentals and storage options, Hart offers mobile fuel trailers and towable fuel tank trailers for sale or for rent. Because our team is dedicated to safety, we offer only the highest quality brands of fuel trailers on the market, including Thunder Creek and Western Global. These double-walled fuel tanks can keep up with the ever-evolving aspects and needs of your job and the fuel requirements you have for your company, whether commercial or agricultural.

TransCube Mobile Refueler

Benefits of a Mobile Fuel Trailer

Road Requirements. Due to its highway-approved design, this tank solution is ideal for road work and work sites that require fuel transportation across highways. Our mobile refueled tanks can be towed and quickly moved to machinery, vehicles, generators, and any other equipment.

Highway Fuel Transport. The UN DOT-approved trailer features lights and electric brakes for unmatched durability and ease of use. This towable unit offers fuel transport convenience, allowing you to travel at ease between job sites and depots.

Fast Mobile Refueling. The TransCube Mobile Refueler is a safe and reliable fuel storage solution for any location that requires quick refueling of any type of construction or auxiliary equipment.

Other Benefits Include:

  1. Mounted and Ready for Transport or Relocation on a Variety of Job Sites
  2. Removable Inner Tank for Easy Maintenance
  3. Double-Walled for Safety While Transporting and While Fueling
  4. Lockable Equipment Cabinet

Western Global Mobile Fuel Trailers

We have multiple sizing options available to suit your specific job. These include:

  • 250 Gallon Fuel Trailer
  • 500 Gallon Fuel Trailer
  • 1,000 Gallon Fuel Trailer

Check the specific available units below or Download Specs.

Models and
mobileunit1 mobile unit 5
Capacity 251/238 GALLONS 552/525 GALLONS 787/748 GALLONS 1,000/950 GALLONS 1,204/1,144
Dimensions(IN /LXWXH) 45 X 45 X 52 90 X 45 X 52 90 X 61 X 52 91 X 91 X 45 91 X 91 X 52
Weight (LBS) 1,190 EMPTY
3,178 FULL
1,814 EMPTY
6,194 FULL
2,425 EMPTY
8,666 FULL
3,483 EMPTY
11,411 FULL
3,703 EMPTY
14,550 FULL
thunder creek trailer

Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers

Hart is proud to partner with Thunder Creek Equipment to bring you the best in Towable Fuel Trailer options. As leaders in the fueling industry, both Hart and Thunder Creek understand the need for safe and efficient fueling options. Choose from standard mobile fuel trailers, economy fuel trailers, or trailers that offer extras like DEF fuel systems and LED lighting for jobs that require overnight fueling. Whatever the job or the need, Hart can help you determine which towable fueling trailer is right for you.

Thunder Creek Fuel Trailers

Mobile Fueling Uses and Industries

There are many industries that will benefit from a mobile fuel trailer or diesel fuel trailer, primarily in commercial or agricultural industries.


On a construction site, there are a number of moving parts and changes to the job almost daily, this means having a moveable fueling unit is essential to keeping the construction or job on schedule. As the equipment is moved and as the job progresses, it may be necessary to move fueling sources to another part of the site. A towable fueling trailer allows for the safe movement of fuel, decreasing the risk of spills or leaks.

Disaster Response

Hart is passionate about providing fuel during natural disasters or emergencies. The best way to do this in many situations is by utilizing towable fuel trailers. Whether you are helping with the disaster relief efforts or you are calling a trusted fueling company, such as Hart, a mobile fuel tank allows response teams to stay active by keeping their generators fueled and their equipment/vehicles running.


Farms and ranches across the country utilize mobile fuel trailers in a variety of ways. For irrigation, a fuel trailer is used to feed generators for pivots where conventional utilities are either unavailable or too expensive. Portable fuel tank trailers also allow the fueling of heavy farm equipment without moving bulky vehicles or hauling equipment to a stationary fuel tank or to the nearest fuel station.
nationwide map

Nationwide Fuel Trailer Rental

If you work or serve in the industries listed above, or another field that could benefit from a towable fuel tank, please contact our team today for a free quote for a fuel trailer for rent and for sale. We provide fueling across the nation.