Why Clear Diesel is More Expensive Than Dyed Diesel

With more and more goods and services seeing astronomical price increases over the last couple of years, it’s normal to be asking why things cost what they do and why some prices may seem strange when compared to a similar item. This is definitely true when looking into pricing for fuel – whether it is gas or diesel.

Same Fuel, Different Purpose

In order to answer this, we first have to establish the distinction between clear and dyed diesel. Clear diesel is used in on-road vehicles, or vehicles that use government-funded roads, highways, and infrastructure. Dyed diesel is used primarily in off-road vehicles or heavy equipment, such as tractors or generators.

diesel fuelClear diesel has a lower sulfur content and appears clear or slightly tinted when fueling. Typical cars, trucks, and SUVs will use this type of fuel at the gas station. However, dyed diesel is red and is not typically readily available at U.S. fuel stations, and must be purchased through a reputable and reliable supplier, like Hart Fueling Services. It is illegal and punishable by law to use dyed diesel in any vehicle that goes over the road. In addition, attempting to remove the dye or tamper with the diesel can result in huge fines.

The Benefits of Paying More

So, why is clear diesel more expensive? The answer is simple, really. Clear diesel, because it is used in vehicles that utilize public infrastructures like roads and highways, is taxed and regulated by the IRS. At first, paying more for the same substance may seem frustrating, but the benefits result in safer roadways as well as maintained bridges and highways.

Red, dyed diesel is not taxed the same way, and as a result, is cheaper. Because dyed diesel is used off-road on farms and in agricultural settings in generators, backhoes, excavators, forklifts, reefers, and other heavy equipment, state and local taxes for highways do not apply.

Hart Fueling Offers What You Need

Hart Fueling Services offers both clear and dyed diesel options, in addition to generator refueling and off-road diesel delivery. For a quote on our services, please contact us. You can also learn more about who we work with on our website.

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