Fleet Fueling or Fuel Station? Which is Cheaper?

trucks at pumpA question our team gets asked frequently is whether or not it would be cheaper to fuel up at the station instead of paying for fuel delivery or fleet fueling. For us at Hart Fueling Service, the answer is not black and white. We prioritize transparent pricing for all of our fuel management services, and part of that transparency is breaking down what the value is of the services we offer. Is fuel more affordable per gallon at the pump? Sometimes. But, at what cost to your time, safety, and efficiency?

The Value of Hart Fleet Fueling

As a company owner, your time is money. Whether you are managing a small fleet or a substantial group of trucks and/or heavy equipment, every minute you spend on reporting, safety corrections or spill cleanups, and back office administration can literally be thousands of dollars out of your pocket. As a fueling service, Hart takes your time into account when providing what you need for fueling.

The True Cost of the Fuel Station

When your fleet fuels at a station instead of utilizing fuel delivery, there are a few costs that will add up quickly in addition to the price per gallon. One important thing to remember is that a gas station is not providing you a service – you (or your driver) pump the fuel yourself and have to keep track of the necessary reporting that is required. Here are a few items to consider when you start wondering where the dollars are going:

  • Driver Time – Your driver may spend extra time at the pump outside of fueling, such as using the bathroom, grabbing snacks or beverages, or even taking a quick shower depending on the station. With bulk tanks at your facility, the driver would have to fill each truck individually, resulting in more time lost and potential spill risk.
  • Driver Responsibility – You may have hired the best possible candidates as drivers for your fleet, but even the best drivers are not trained to be entrusted with the required documentation that fueling demands. For instance, bulk tanks at your facility require that every gallon pumped into a truck or tank be reported. This must be properly documented every time your driver fuels up. Any missed gallons, fuel stops, or cents can result in penalties and fines.

Our team eliminates the drain on your wallet from wasted time by coming to you. With mobile fleet fueling, we also keep track of the gallons per truck/tank and give the reports to you directly to use for IFTA reporting. Hart reports this data either by barcoding the truck or entering the data into a spreadsheet – which means less unnecessary responsibility being placed on your driver and less time spent in the back office auditing your fuel consumption.

Valuing Safety

In addition to the time value of your money, there is also the element of safety. Without a trusted fueling service like Hart, there is the risk of spills or leaks. In this potential event, without the proper fuel storage or containment berms in place, your company could be liable for hefty environmental fines or lawsuits.

Because our team is specialized in fleet fueling, we take all of the necessary precautions and adhere to the strictest fuel safety guidelines. With Hart, you don’t have to worry.

Partner With Us for Fleet Fueling

There are many benefits to partnering with a trusted fuel company. We would love to earn your business. Contact us today for a quote for fleet fueling and see the value of what we do firsthand.

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