Fuel Cube Rental in West Chester, PA

Hart fuel cube in West Chester, PA construction siteA masonry contractor came to us looking for an effective solution to fuel his forklifts and equipment with off-road dyed diesel on a construction site in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He needed an easy way to fuel onsite so his workers wouldn’t have to keep going to the gas station to fill up, wasting precious time.

We recommended our FCp250 fuel cube tank rental that has a 4 way fork pocket, removable inner tank, pressure relief valve, stackable corner brackets, and is made of solid steel. The client especially appreciated the forklift pockets so he could easily lock everything away inside the lockable cabinet. That way, no one could steal fuel when the site is empty.

Our fuel trucks can deliver high quality off-road diesel anytime, anywhere. We will directly fuel your heavy equipment and vehicles on your schedule with our convenient mobile fuel service. You can also get your DEF containers refilled or replaced at wholesale prices.

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