Fueling in an Emergency

Hart at Hurricane IdaHurricane season is just a few short days away, and many business owners in the gulf and on the coasts are worried that this season may be one for the history books. As people begin preparing for the natural disasters that will inevitably hit the shores of the United States, one consideration they cannot afford to forget is their fueling needs.

In 2021, Hart Fueling was proud to offer fueling services during Hurricane Ida. We successfully provided generator refueling for hospitals, cell towers, and the American Red Cross, helped keep reefer trucks on the road (preventing thousands of dollars in perishable food loss), and provided mobile fueling and fleet fueling services for those on the ground assisting with the rescue efforts.

With our experience in providing fueling during emergencies, we wanted to provide some vital information.

Invest in a Diesel Generator

When your power goes out in the event of an emergency, you may not know when it will come back. It is imperative to be able to provide heat and generate electricity when this happens – especially for entities like hospitals, blood donation centers, and rescue/relief crews. Investing in a diesel generator could make a difference in countless lives.

In addition, we encourage all customers to have their generators properly serviced and maintained. Don’t wait until the power goes out or disaster strikes to see if it’s working properly.

Keep Your Vehicles Fueled

Many people from older generations are in the habit of never letting their fuel gauge drop below half-tank. It is time we adopt that practice again. Keeping your vehicles fueled during your day-to-day lives in non-emergency situations will give you a leg up when an emergency hits. Not only will you have fuel to evacuate when needed – as most fuel pumps will be closed, blocked, or too busy to access – but if you do have to shelter in place, you may be able to use the fuel from your vehicles for power or heat in vital circumstances.

Utilize Fuel Storage Tanks

As a business owner, it is prudent to utilize fuel storage tanks when alerted about an impending natural disaster. With warning, you can alert your fuel management company and store the fuel for when the disaster strikes. At Hart Fueling, we offer fuel tanks for rent in a variety of capacities to fit your needs. Whether you are a hospital or emergency service, you won’t have to worry about your fuel situation. Hart offers emergency fuel delivery to your location, wet-hosing, and storage.

Partner with a Trusted Fuel Supplier

We encourage you to choose a trusted fuel supplier, such as Hart Fueling Service, as we have extensive experience fueling during an emergency. Hart also offers a Priority Response Program and has dedicated assets in times of emergencies including fuel trucks & fleets, fuel storage tanks, and trained drivers. It is important to trust your fueling provider, as accountability can be the difference between life and death in these dire circumstances. Want to partner with us? Contact us today.

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