Hart Fueling Trusted for Emergency Response Fueling in Seattle Suburb

220kw generator refuel at shipyardThere are a lot of reasons why our customers trust our team at Hart Fueling, but one reason – perhaps the most important – is our ability to provide services and fuel deliveries during the most important times. Hart is proud to offer a Priority Response Program to help alleviate the worry and anxiety sparked when fuel is desperately needed in urgent situations.

What is the Priority Response Program?

The Hart team understands that in an emergency, taking the time to order fuel, make the calls, and wait ‘in line’ can cause undue stress on the people in charge. To assist with this, Hart created a Priority Response Program that gives several benefits to members, including:

  • Dedicated Emergency Response Team
  • Top Priority Over Other Customers
  • Fuel Allocation As Needed
  • Fuel Generator Audits (to ensure generators have the fuel needed when an emergency hits)

This program makes sure you get the fuel first when you need it most.

Seattle-Area Shipyard Gets Priority Fueling

One of our customers in Redmond, WA – a suburb of Seattle – has taken advantage of the Priority Response Program and regularly puts it to good use! Recently they required fuel for a 220kw generator at their shipyard which we were able to promptly provide.

Not only does Hart prioritize this customer for generator refueling – but this customer relies on Hart for periodic fuel top-offs and emergency services for catastrophes, storms, and natural disasters.

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve with Fuel Priority from Hart

It’s not too late to alleviate the stress for your own business or organization. The Priority Response Program is perfect for several industries such as hospitals, data centers, utility facilities, and more. Don’t get left in a bind – trust the Hart team to keep you operational while you weather the storm.