Hart Provides Fuel for a Sandblasting Job in Columbus, OH

fuel tank refueling at water tank job OHThe fixture of large, industrial, or city water tanks across America is a scene all too familiar. What many people don’t realize is the maintenance required to keep these water tanks operable. From pressure washing the exteriors to cleaning the interior and ensuring all mechanisms work – it’s a huge undertaking.

Recently, Hart Fueling was called to provide fuel for a company that was tasked with cleaning, blasting, and painting the interior of one of these industrial water tanks.

Fueling Water Tank Maintenance

Hart was able to provide all the fuel necessary to complete the maintenance of this industrial water tank. Utilizing a Thunder Creek fuel trailer, Hart kept the fuel tank at capacity to ensure enough fuel for air compressors, generators, sandblasting equipment, dust collectors, and other heavy equipment that was on the job site.

Partner with a Trusted Fuel Provider

When you have a job that requires a lot of fuel, you need a reliable partner who understands the industry. That is why so many customers choose Hart Fueling for their fueling needs. Not only do we provide on-site fuel tanks for sale or rent, but we are there 24/7 for emergency fuel deliveries. Whether on a construction site, on the road, or in a hurricane – trust your next job to the experts. Get a quote for fuel delivery today.

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