Should You Use a Cube Style or Cylindrical Fuel Tank?

Cylinder vs. cube fuel tanksCylindrical tanks have been around for as long as people started storing fuel. From propane to gas and diesel – this tried and true storage solution seemed to be the best that industries could get. Until the cube-style fuel tank arrived on the scene. While cylindrical fuel tanks still have their value – here are some benefits of choosing a cube style over a cylindrical style.

  • Security. Cube style tanks have added security with locking cabinets. Not only does this deter theft, but this is an extra line of defense to catch any spills – preventing contamination.
  • Stability & Environmental Safety. Unlike cylindrical tank options, cube styles are less likely to be backed into by heavy equipment or trucks and knocked over. Because of the shape, the cube style will remain upright while a cylindrical tank has the potential to roll and spill. This helps to avoid environmental hazards and saves time and money on cleaning up potential spills.
  • Space-Saving. Cylindrical tanks are quite large and take up a large footprint on job sites or at facilities that utilize the fuel, while cube styles are more compact and can be set up in smaller spaces.
  • Stackable. Cube styles not only have a smaller footprint but they can be stacked – ultimately saving space that you need to use for other things.
  • Maneuverability. In order to move a cylindrical tank, heavy equipment and trucks need to be used. Cube style tanks have the added benefit of having forklift pockets. This means that they can be moved easily with a forklift and a big truck is not necessary. In addition, for even easier maneuverability, lifting eyes can be added to cube style tanks.

One downside to cube style tanks is their higher price tag. They tend to be more expensive than cylindrical style tanks outright to rent and buy, but their benefits can make the upfront cost worth it in the long run.

Fuel Options for Every Industry

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