Benefits of Emergency Fuel Services

storm ahead warning sign“Expecting the unexpected” is not a phrase that any operation should take lightly. However, creating dependable, efficient, and sustainable practices that keep your business running when the inevitable “unexpected” happens is critical for your organization to continue serving your community when they need you the most.

Why You Need Emergency Fuel Delivery

Solid Backup Plan

Emergency Fueling is one of the critical components that should be highlighted in your Emergency Preparedness Plan. When extreme weather, power outages, or fires impact a community, one thing that you need to depend on is your backup generator and repair crews.

Peace of Mind

With Hart Fueling Service, you can rest assured that your facility remains in working order while other organizations are scrambling to stay operational. We can guarantee peace among the areas we service and mobilize services whether you have one site or over 100 sites.

Saves Money

When you partner with us, you can find a little less stress in the chaos of fuel prices rapidly rising and being unattainable. In addition to our large fleet of storage tanks, we have various suppliers to ensure your fuel delivery is guaranteed so that you can focus on what matters to you most: workplace safety and continuing to operate during a time of uncertainty.

Limited Downtime

Our 24-hour response team is available when you need your backup generators the most. Our Priority Response Program has made getting fuel to critical business operations more accessible than ever. We understand how important it is for your business to continue to run at total capacity when disaster strikes. People are relying on you to do so; that’s why when you sign our emergency fuel contract, you can depend on us to ensure your operations won’t skip a beat.

So, then next time the “inevitable” occurs, will you be ready?

For more information about our emergency fuel services and contracts, give us a call today.

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