Hart Fueling Helps Cut Costs with Fuel Cubes at Memphis, TN Plant

hart in memphisHart Fueling loves helping customers save money and enhance the safety of their job sites by using fuel cubes. This customer in Memphis, TN was tired of spending money on unnecessary fuel delivery fees and wanted to ensure the efficiency and safety of their operations.

Providing a 500 Gallon Fuel Cube

The plant in Memphis was paying a lot in fees for the delivery of fuel and wet-hosing equipment every week. With the costs adding up, they decided to turn to Hart Fueling as their reputable fuel supplier. The most cost-effective option was a 500-gallon fuel cube which they used to fuel their man-lifts, generators, and other heavy equipment needed to keep plant operations on track.

Enhanced Safety

While round fuel containers can be great fuel storage options, they are not the safest on job sites or in places like manufacturing or production plants. This plant in Memphis required that all fuel storage be cube-styled so they could enhance the safety of their company and protect their employees. Fuel cubes are an excellent safety addition as they do not roll, can be stacked and locked, and are double-walled for added protection against spills or leaks.

Choose a Reputable Fueling Company for Your Needs

Hart Fueling loves getting calls to help with customer efficiency and safety – and knows that reputation means the world. If your job site or business is in need of fuel storage, fuel delivery, or other fueling options, please get in touch with us today.